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Wine Storage Services


At Gary's we have a passion for wine, and that passion leads us to take every possible step to make sure that the wines you order from us will reach you in the best possible condition.

The greatest enemy of wine is temperature, and we do everything we can to make sure that the wine you buy from us is well defended from the ravages of heat or cold. We maintain temperature controlled warehouse space to store wine, assuring that your wine has been kept under the optimal condition until we receive your order.

When we receive an order during the heat of summer or cold of winter, we will pack up your order, put your name on it, and then hold it in our temperature controlled warehouse, at no charge to you, until the outside temperatures have reached a safe level for shipping.

We will then contact you, and release your wines only when both you and we are confident that it is safe to ship.

At Gary's ... we have a passion for wine!