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Futures buying is very similar to the commodities market. You're not actually buying the wine, you're paying for the right to take possession of the wine when the producer determines that the wine is ready to be released, approximately 18-24 months in the future.

Our buying power and relationships in Bordeaux and Napa Valley allow us to have nationally competitive prices. Once your order is placed with Gary's, it requires confirmation from our main office that the wine AND the price posted are still available. Allocations of each item are limited; there is no guarantee that we will have adequate stock for all orders. Order quickly to get in on these great deals. Payment is due at the time of the order.

Pre-Sales are similar to futures except we expect the wine a lot sooner.

If you're interested in placing a Futures order, please e-mail with your request or call Jon Visser at 888-99-GARYS (888-994-2797) and if there are any current Pre-Sales in effect, they will be listed below.

2009 Futures

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