Wine Regions: ITALY - 2006 Brunellos

For those that remember the 1997 vintage for Brunello, you may also remember the hype and hoopla that drove us all into a buying frenzy trying to secure a couple of cases of these gems. The wines were very well structured and had a tremendous purity of fruit that was a characteristic of the warm vintage.

Fast forward 9 years, and the 2006 Brunellos are every bit as impressive as the 1997ís and even more. To me the 2006 Brunellos have a touch more vibrancy, greater depth of fruit and tannins that are more refined than in 1997. If you missed out on the 1997ís, and frankly, even if you didnít, donít miss out on the 2006ís; they will not disappoint.

-Brian Maxwell, Italian Wine Buyer