WOW Local Wine Events in NJ: Cabernet Day Wine Event


Long Live the Long Lived King!
Join us in celebrating Cabernet, the king of grapes, both here at Gary’s and on ALL social media sites on Thursday, September 2nd.
This great virtual and in-store event will unite Cab drinkers around the world in recognition of the grape that makes every winelover’s heart beat faster. Use the #Cabernet hash tag when posting on Facebook, Foursquar, Gowalla, Twitter, blogs and all the other sites where wine fans hang out.
Connect and chat with other Cab fans around the world, and explore what it is that makes us all love Cabernet.  Is it the concentration? The complexity? The way it develops as it ages? The mix of red berry fruits? The structure that makes it so mouthfilling?
We have a special Cabernet Day kit prepared to help you get in the mood and spirit of the day. We have two bottles of great Napa Cab from the heralded 2007 vintage, the Joseph Phelps Innisfree, made by the Cabernet superstars famous for the Napa legend Insignia, and the Angels Landing, made from fruit grown around Calistoga in the heart of Napa Cab country, 

To help you enjoy these even more, we are including a Soiree wine aerator.  Just pull the cork, pop the Soiree into the bottle and pour. The Soiree will aerate your Cab, maklng sure that every sip will display all of the great facets of Cabernet that make it the King of Grapes!