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Gary's Gourmet Foods Marketplace in NJ

Gary's Gourmet Marketplace carries an exceptional range of gourmet foods and accessories, including frozen foods, Hors d’Oeuvres, specialty oils and vinegars, sweet and savory snacks and crackers, Stonewall Kitchen jams and jellies, fresh olives and nuts. We pride ourselves on carrying local brands like Brownstone pasta sauces, Vitamia ravioli and Fillo Factory to name just a few.

Fresh-Cut Cheeses - All of our cheese is stored under controlled conditions and hand-cut to order to preserve optimum flavor and texture. Selections are offered for sale only at their peak of ripeness and freshness. Come in and taste the difference! We have the largest selection in the area with over 150 cheese varieties including artisanal and farmstead cheeses.

Charcuterie: Specialty Meats and Pâtés – We carry one of the largest selections of French and Italian charcuterie in New Jersey including dried and cured meats from the world-renowned Salumeria Biellese in NYC; a large variety of delicious pates and mousses from d’Artagnan; assorted Tuscan salami, sausages and terrines, Prosciutto di Parma, hot and sweet Sopressata, Culatello, cold cuts sliced to order and more.

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