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Tastings & Special Events

Enjoy complimentary tastings, every day at Gary’s Wine & Marketplace!

Featured Wine Tasting — Every Saturday
Taste a variety of styles to compare and contrast aroma, flavor, mouthfeel and finish. Our featured wine tasting is a great way to discover the styles and varietals that please your palate. Tasting begins at noon on Saturday. Stop by and join us!

Craft Beer Tastings — Every Thursday
Taste a lineup of brews from a featured Craft Brewery, or a selection of the latest seasonal releases from a variety of craft breweries — local, national, and imported. Each store offers a unique selection to taste every Thursday from 4-8pm.

Spirit Tastings & More
Throughout the year, we host many spirit tastings featuring everything from single-barrel whiskies to small-batch artisan rum, vodka, tequila, mixers and more.

Gourmet Tastings — Anytime
Our Gourmet department always offers a selection of fresh hand-cut cheeses to sample, paired with a variety of breads, crackers, specialty dips, oils and sauces.
With over 150 varieties of cheese, there’s always something new to taste!

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Current Vendors / Distributors: To schedule an event with us, click here to make your request.