Ketel One Vodka Glass Set

Category: Spirits SKU: 15841 Size: 750 ml
Brand: Nolet Spirits Style: Vodka
Ship/Pickup Class: A, L
Price: $35.99
Reg: $42.99


Since being introduced to the United States in 1990, the Ketel One Vodka has become very popular. This wheat based vodka was first produced in Scheidam, Holland by Joannes Nolet in 1691, after 11 generations the company is now run by Carl Nolet, Sr.As I mentioned this is a wheat based vodka, and only the center or middle of each distill is used in making this premium vodka. The family feels that the first and last part of the distill is either too weak or too harsh, to maintain the quality of vodka that they wish to produce. It is also triple distilled and charcoal filtered, the result is a smooth 80 proof vodka.Each batch is also taste tested by a family member to make sure the quality is up to their standards.

This gift set pairs a bottle of the very popular Ketel One with two glasses.